Hi, I'm Jake

Engineer, Manager, Nerd

What do I do?


I've been engineering software for nearly a decade. Many of the blog posts here will be based around software development.


I've spent years mentoring new software engineers on how to advance their careers, and leading teams of engineers to complete projects.


I'm definitely a nerd. Console gaming and Magic the Gathering are other hobbies I have besides writing code.

Are you hiring?

Unfortunately the open positions that I did have are no longer open, but check back in the future if you're interested in applying, and if you're considering a different position, check out my blog post about working at Storable!

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Latest Blog Posts

My Journey in Storable So Far

May 26, 2022

I talk about how my first 9 months at Storable have been, and what all has happened since my last blog post.

Creating a Radio Using HTML Canvases

December 20, 2020

In this post, I demonstrate how you can create visuals using HTML canvas elements.

Building an ACNH Radio using HTML5 Audio Tags

November 07, 2020

Learning how to use the audio tag with everyone's favorite COVID-19 obsession, Animal Crossing: New Horizons